Why TypeCertification.com?

Welcome to TypeCertification.com, a website focused on covering the complexities of aircraft certification. Why this website? Why this topic? As mentioned in the About page, TypeCertification.com is my journal and reference library on all topics related to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification. I’ve always made notes of the things I’ve learned working various aspects of certification projects so the next time I’m faced with the same topic, I have those lessons learned handy to speed the process. This website is all about capturing those lessons learned and collaborating with others in the industry, which will help insure a level playing field while striving for improvements in safety and cost efficiency.

Level Playing Field

All CAAs (Civil Aviation Authorities) globally are tasked with treating every applicant the same by imposing the same regulatory interpretations and applying policy and guidance consistently. It’s in the best interest of industry stakeholders to help the regulatory agencies insure a level playing field by sharing experience (non intellectual property) regarding these regulatory interpretations. All applicants are free to compete without gaining an advantage or suffering a disadvantage due to local or regional differences in how CAAs regulate applicants. Sharing experience and driving as much consistency into policy and guidance through collaboration is the key to insuring a level playing field. This can all be done in a way that does not require anyone to share sensitive information that would be considered intellectual property of their organization.

Let’s Collaborate

Collaboration is the key to sharing experience and striving for consistency in the regulatory environment. There are multiple ways that the aircraft industry can collaborate which includes SDOs (Standards Design Organizations), industry working groups, workshops, industry panels/forums, articles/papers, and training. Not only is TypeCertification.com a place where you can read articles and provide comments, it’s also a place to find information regarding these collaborative avenues.

TypeCertification.com – Resources for Aircraft Certification

At TypeCertification.com you’ll find articles focused on aircraft certification topics that are meant to inform and educate. Navigate to the home page and you’ll find links to website content, committee resources, and reference information through the top navigation bar. You can also read about my background here.