FAA Subject Classification Codes

The FAA subject classification codes provides a standard subject numbering system to identify agency documents. This table contains a numerical classification outline of major numerical series. These codes are useful for understanding the subject of an FAA order based on the order number. Reference FAA order 0001.G.

Classification CodeMajor Topic
0000Checklists and Indexes
1000Administration, Management, and Policies - General
1100Organization, Authorities, and Functions
1200External Relations - General
1300Management Programs
1400Civil Rights Program
1500Travel and Transportation
1600Investigations and Security
1650Civil Aviation Security
1700Administrative Services - General
1800Program Management and Appraisal
1900Emergency Readiness and Operations
2200Contracts - Legal Functions
2400Financial Management - General
2600Appropriation and Funding
2800Financial Reporting
3100Training Programs
3200Personnel Management
3400Employee Performance
3500Position Classification, Pay and Allowance
3600Attendance and Leave
3700Personnel Relations and Services
3800Insurance and Annuities
3900Employee Health and Safety
4000Agency Aircraft Management
4100Aircraft Maintenance and Modification
4200Supply Support Activities
4400Acquisition and Procurement
4600Property Management
4700Materiel Receipt, Storage, and Issue
4800Utilization and Disposal (Personal Property)
4900Personal Services
5000Airports, Launching, and Landing Facilities
5100Airport Improvement Program/Federal-Aid Airport Program/Airport Development Aid Program
5200Airport Safety
5300Airport Design, Construction, and Maintenance
5400Federally-Owned or Operated Airports
5900Planning Grant Program
6000Airway Facilities
6100Data Systems
6200Test Equipment - General
6300Radar Equipment
6450Airway Facilities Central Operations Facilities
6500Communications and Flight Assistance Facilities
6600Communications Equipment
6700Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS)
6800Frequency, Landing and Lighting Equipment
6900Plant, Structures, and Grounds
7000Air Traffic Management
7100Air Traffic Procedures
7200Air Traffic Operations and Standards
7300Communications, Operations
7400Airspace Allocation and Use
7500Military Operations - Air Traffic
7600Security Control of Air Traffic
7700Air Traffic Regulations
7800Air Traffic Control Automation Program
7900Flight Information
8000Flight Safety, Standards and Procedures - General
8100Airworthiness Certification
8200Flight Inspection and Procedures
8300Maintenance Certification and Surveillance
8400Operations Certification and Surveillance
8500Aeromedical Certification
8600General Aviation Airworthiness
8700General Aviation Operations
8800Commercial Space Operations
8900Commercial Space Re-Entry Operations
9000Aviation Medicine - General
9100Aeromedical Standards
9400Commercial Space Transportation - R&D
9500Research and Development - General
9700Aircraft Systems, Components, and Accessories - R&D
9800Air Traffic and Navigational Systems - R&C
9900Physical and Natural Sciences