Hi, my name is Joel Heck and I’m passionate about airplanes

From the fascination of flight to the thrill of your first solo, aviation is in the realm of dreams and imagination.  In order to turn dreams and imagination into reality, it requires a methodical approach to every aspect of aviation including design, manufacturing, operations and support.  Type certification is a key component of this methodical approach.

A Career Focused on Product Development and FAA Certification

TypeCertification.com is my journal and reference library on all topics related to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification.  I’ve been with Cessna, now Textron Aviation, for 24 years in engineering.  My entire career has been focused on the design approval aspects of FAA certification.  My technical work experience in certification spans the Cessna, Beechcraft, and McCauley product lines.  My perspective is unique with experience in such a diverse product line which includes certification programs for propellers, light single engine pistons, light piston twins, single engine turbines, and twin turbine jets.

What is Type Certification?

Type certification is the process an applicant follows when seeking an FAA design approval.  The FAA issues a TC (type certificate) to an applicant when all showings and findings of compliance (FAA approvals) have been made to the applicable airworthiness standards.  The TC controls the type design of the product and provides a minimum level of safety as defined by the code of federal regulations.

Why is Type Certification Important?

Aviation safety is paramount and type certification insures the safety of the products we fly every day; however, obtaining a TC can be a monumental investment from a business cost perspective.  Type certification provides for a minimum level of safety we enjoy while also having a significant influence on the success or failure of products from a business cost perspective.  The FAA and other CAAs (Civil Aviation Authorities) around the globe often collaborate with industry on rule making and policy related to type certification.  It’s important for all stakeholders to contribute during these collaborative opportunities for aviation safety and industry efficiency. This is where TypeCertification.com can help. Find out here.

My Personal Background

I’ve always had a fascination of flight.  It started as a child designing and building radio controlled airplanes and grew into a career immersed in aviation.  My certificates include a private pilot certificate (ASEL) and a mechanic certificate with airframe and powerplant ratings.  I’m a delegate of the FAA (Textron Aviation ODA Unit Member) which includes Part 23 and Part 25 structures as well as Part 35 propellers.  I live in the Wichita Kansas area, also known as “The Air Capital of the World”, with my wife and two kids.